The Forum's mentoring project

The Forum's mentoring project

About Us

The Forum, previously known as the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum, is a friendly and welcoming community support hub that has been advocating for the rights of migrants for over 20 years.

The New Beginnings Mentoring Project, operating for over 7 years now, is a highly successful programme carried out by The Forum with the aim of helping refugees and asylum seekers to create a new life in the United Kingdom. 

We provide tailored practical and psycho-emotional support for migrants in every aspect of their lives. We believe that being healthy is not only a physical but a mental condition as well, and that it is of utmost importance to help migrants positively enrich their lives by gaining the self-confidence and skills needed to face their challenges and actively engage in the society of which they are part. By providing everyday support with GP registration, hospital appointments, benefits, housing claims and more, we try to relieve the strain and stress of these procedures and facilitate migrants in moving on with their lives and regaining some hope in the future.

The Mentoring Programme has proven to be an essential part of  the New Beginnings Mentoring Project by matching vulnerable and isolated migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with volunteer mentors to:

  • Build community, confidence and skills
  • Access services 
  • Support happy lives in London

The pairs meet for a couple of hours each week for a period of six months. Through this relationship, which has proven to be equally beneficial to both individuals, mentees can practice their English, get to know London better and work towards enrolling in college or finding a volunteer placement.

The project also provides a range of skill-building activities that have been recognized by participants as particularly important in increasing the quality of their everyday life. These activities are open to mentors and mentees alike and range from English classes, sewing classes, Poetry Group, mindfulness sessions and the Blog Team!

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